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Sheet Metal


R & J Ertel, Inc. is a diversified sheet metal fabricator of round, rectangular, and spiral HVAC duct pipe and fittings for residential and commercial applications.


We also offer general sheet metal products for industrial and architectural applications. We provide superior high quality products with outstanding service, creating satisfied customers.


From the beginning as a two-person shop in 1992 to our advanced manufacturing facility of today, R & J Ertel, Inc.has developed a reputation for reliability and service second to none.


R& J Ertel Sheet Metal manufacturing consists of a 10,000 square foot facility with modern equipment including; advanced CAD Driven Plasma Table Cutting System, 10 ft. Power Shear, 10 ft. Roto Die Hydraulic Bender, Automatic Liner Sizer, and a Lockformer Super Speed 20 Pittsburgh Roll Former.


The combination of the equipment with the knowledge and experience of our employees is what it takes to produce quality products.


With our resources we are able to serve your needs even faster than before.


Our services include designing, fabrication, and/or erection of all types of metals into duct work for air systems, and other custom iron and sheet metal items.


We serve the Paper Processing, Food Services, Health Care, Manufacturing, Home Builders, Dairy, K-12 and Secondary Education, Airports, Churches, Retail, and Pharmaceutical markets to name a few.



Engineering & Design


R & J Ertel, Inc. has been providing mechanical engineering expertise in Central Pennsylvania for over 20 years.


With a licensed Professional Engineer on staff we can provide innovative solutions to the most challenging needs of our customers.


We strive to provide quality design documents that are thoroughly reviewed and coordinated, this helps to minimize questions and delays in project construction.


Our field experienced staff adds a level of hands on expertise to project design that is lacking in many consulting firms with personnel barely out of school.


This experience is leveraged throughout both the design and implementation phases of a project.


Our team of dedicated draftsmen take pride in their work. We offer 3D modeling as a specialized drafting service that can accurately depict current or future field conditions.


R & J Ertel, Inc. strives to satisfy the needs of our clients with our experienced team by providing Professional Engineering and Drafting Services.



Energy Services


In order to meet the challenges created in a quickly evolving de-regulated energy market,
R & J Ertel Inc. has added Energy Services as a business offering.


Together with our partners, we can offer our customers unique solutions for upgrading aging facilities, mechanical infrastructures, enhancing existing systems and providing creative approaches to deliver new construction facilities.


Since we are not aligned with any particular utility or equipment manufacturer, we can provide customers with a completely independent solution to their specific needs.


This ensures that a customer gets what they need, and not what a utility or manufacturer might want to sell.


Our engineering and energy expertise and experience is used to thoroughly review a facility’s operation through detailed energy and operational audits and seek out all energy saving opportunities.


We can perform preliminary audits to develop potential building ECM’s, Mechanical systems design concepts, and provide comprehensive project packages for facilities including Professional Engineering services, Project implementation and installation, Project Management, and Commissioning, with GMP pricing.




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